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Direct booking or intermediary?

In the last decade, more and more intermediaries have emerged who offer our mobility services. Typically, they retain between 25 and 50% of the fare for their brokerage
The executing company only has between 50% and 75% of your fare available to fulfill the service. As a result, you are essentially getting a poor deal on the transportation service. This is because the service provider has to somehow offset the brokerage fee. However, such cost-cuttings always reduce your safety and the quality of the service. Therefore, you are not getting nearly what you could get with a direct booking. That’s why bookings through brokerage portals are only worthwhile where you are unfamiliar and have no contacts.
To carry out the rides under these conditions, savings must be made. This means cutbacks are made both on the vehicles (longer usage duration, cheap tires, delayed inspections, fewer cleanings) and on the employees. To operate economically, adhering to common compliance standards often becomes unfeasible.
Due to our large fleet, we have the necessary capacity to handle our orders ourselves. This allows us to control the quality directly and ensure a reputable and highly qualified implementation of our mobility services. 100% of your fare is available to us, enabling us to carry out your rides with beautiful, new vehicles and skilled chauffeurs. We comply with standard compliances, ensuring that by choosing our services, you adhere to the regulations of the Supply Chain Act. By booking with us, you are supporting a reputable family-owned business.