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Our fleet

Dear Guests,

We have decided to equip our fleet with vehicles from Audi, Mercedes Benz, and Volkswagen. Our fleet has an average age of 1.3 years. This means you will always be traveling in new vehicles that are up-to-date with their safety features and assistance systems. The exterior color is kept in neutral black or anthracite, but inside you will find bright, warm beige and wood tones. The vehicles’ interiors, with these colors, provide a homely and secure ambiance that you will surely enjoy during your ride.

Business Class

Here, you can expect an Audi A6 or a Mercedes Benz E-Class. With the 4-zone automatic climate control, you can set your desired temperature. For refreshment, you will find complimentary water (still and medium) in the door compartments. Our Business Class is usually not more expensive than a taxi, especially when considering that our invoices include 19% value-added tax instead of 7%.


Enjoy your ride in a new Audi A8 or a Mercedes Benz S-Class, both in their respective long-wheelbase versions. In addition to the features of the Business Class, you will receive up-to-date daily press and benefit from the significantly larger interior space. The panoramic roof illuminates the spacious interior, and the heated seats will keep you warm during the colder months.

Green Class

Enjoy the special comfort of an electric car. No engine noises and no jerky gear changes will disturb you during the ride. The comfortable air suspension and comfortable seats in the Audi E-tron ensure a perfect driving experience. In Frankfurt, electric vehicles are allowed to use the bus lane, so you can reach your destination faster during rush hour. The elegant color combination of black and beige also creates a friendly and appealing ambiance here.


Travel in our vans with up to 6 people to your appointments and prepare for your meetings thanks to the conference seating. Would you prefer to travel facing the opposite direction? In no time, we can convert the second row into bus seating. If you’re traveling as a family and need to get to the airport, there is always a child seat and two standard booster seats with head protection on board. We also provide water as standard in the Van Class, but you can also pre-order other beverages. A special cooler box will adjust the temperature of your beer or champagne to your desired level. On longer journeys, we are happy to offer you snacks.

Luggage Trailer

Do you have a lot of luggage? In that case, you can book our luggage trailer and arrive at your destination with all your luggage. You won’t need any additional vehicles to accompany you.

Do you have any other wishes? Feel free to ask us, we're here to fulfill them!

Have we convinced you? Then you probably want to know what we charge for our service. Every trip is unique, which is why the rates on our price list may not always be the best fit for your journey. Feel free to ask us if you require a particularly long or short distance chauffeured, or if you desire extended waiting or stand-by times. We’ll create a personalized offer for you.