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Green Line

Electromobility in Limousine Service

The use of electric cars in chauffeur services is no longer just a matter of belief!

Dear guests,

Electric mobility has significantly evolved in recent years. Sustainability in production is continually increasing, and although the overall CO2 impact remains unclear across all life cycles, we are reducing emissions in the city and contributing to improved air quality.

The second-generation electric vehicles now boast an impressive range of approximately 500 km, making them far more versatile than ever before.

As our guest, you also benefit significantly in our Business and Van Class. With the absence of the internal combustion engine and transmission, you gain extra space and comfort. The absence of engine noise ensures you glide as comfortably as you would in any combustion engine vehicle.

Since there is no longer a need for gear shifts, a much smoother acceleration is achieved, making electric vehicles much easier to drive. Additionally, with the new e-Limousines EQE and EQS by Mercedes, you now have fully functional electric sedans with a sleek and modern design, featuring luxurious materials in the interior that leave nothing to be desired.

In the Van Class, the driving experience is greatly improved, especially with the elimination of the rough engines typically found in commercial vehicles. You can now comfortably drive in an “electric” V-Class, known as the EQV.

However, the luxury class is still reserved for the much better-equipped S-Class, which remains unbeatable for medium and long-distance journeys. Thanks to excellent insulation and tuning, as well as vastly improved equipment options, the comfort of the EQS surpasses it.

Come and test e-mobility with us and enjoy a higher level of driving comfort compared to conventional combustion engine vehicles!

Electric vehicles in the limousine service make sense in the right applications. Regardless of the future developments in electromobility, whether we use better batteries or other energy sources, the electric motor will endure because its efficiency is much greater than that of an internal combustion engine. Electric cars can be driven much more smoothly, and the silent gliding through the city is simply fascinating. However, the conditions for electromobility are constantly changing. Fluctuating subsidies for the purchase of electric vehicles, rising electricity prices, and fluctuating diesel prices often raise questions about the use of electric vehicles, as the market often prioritizes the lowest price. Electromobility has become more expensive again and must, of course, be paid for.

The topic of sustainability in e-mobility is interesting within the framework of the limousine service. After all, we cover a significant number of kilometers in a short period with electric vehicles, allowing us to quickly offset the CO2 footprint from production.

This means that after two years, we can actually be more sustainable than internal combustion engine vehicles. Of course, this assumes that batteries and motors prove to be durable to allow for extended sustainable use.

Another significant advantage of using electric vehicles in the limousine service is their low-emission operation. This benefits the environment, as there is no fine particulate matter produced through combustion, and emissions from brake dust are minimal due to our smooth and anticipatory driving style. We aim to avoid unnecessary braking and steering to maintain your comfort. On the flip side, there is increased tire wear because electric vehicles provide 100% power immediately. Overall, the use of electric vehicles in the city will significantly improve air quality. Regardless of the sustainability balance across all life cycles of electric cars, we are environmentally friendly when operating in the city.

Book our Electric Class for more comfort, sustainability, and a positive impact on the environment in our cities!