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We take time for you

“We take the time for you!” is not just an advertising slogan. Taking time is the foundation for safety and quality.

In addition to technical factors, human performance is crucial for your safety. It’s not only the training of the chauffeur that plays a role, but also their physical and mental well-being. When overworked and fatigued, the body can’t react quickly enough in dangerous situations. The same holds true in stressful situations. Therefore, it’s essential to avoid overburdening the chauffeur. Sufficient buffers and rest periods must be built into the workday so that the chauffeur can fulfill their duties without time pressure, even when flights are delayed or you, as a guest, have a special request.

Chauffeurs who suffer from overwork and stress are limited in their job performance. Their mood and diligence decline, and the ambiance in the vehicle and the service quality of the chauffeur can suffer.