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Our philosophy

Corporate goals

In a transport company, traffic safety always comes first. The most important influencing factors are the vehicle and the driver. Well-maintained vehicles equipped with good tires form the foundation for technical safety, while drivers who regularly train in driving safety and can identify factors affecting safety ensure professional safety. Good planning, which avoids overburdening the driver and thus also stress, results in planning safety. Because stress is a dangerous factor on the driver’s side. Good safety costs money, which is why good service is also reflected in the price.

Customer experience is naturally our second most important goal. We want you to feel comfortable on board with us and have a good time. Ideally, you can work, make phone calls, or relax in our well-equipped vehicles. You should feel safe and arrive at your destination strengthened. That’s why, starting with the Executive Class, our vehicles typically have a bright interior that is very friendly and relaxing. Additional features like tables and power outlets are available. Our friendly drivers, with a comfortable and safe driving style, ensure a positive customer experience.

We have set ourselves the goal of ensuring that our drivers and chauffeurs also feel comfortable. This means that the daily task is always feasible, with enough time between rides for unforeseen events, minimizing stressful situations. Stress causes concentration lapses and discomfort for the driver. We have new and beautiful vehicles and offer our chauffeurs complimentary drinks in cafes and hotels during breaks, providing a pleasant place to rest between assignments and prepare well for the next task.

In addition to the comfort factors for our drivers and chauffeurs, social sustainability is very important to us. Our chauffeurs are always permanently employed and receive a decent fixed salary. They are not paid based on turnover, which leads to excessive work and transfers the entrepreneurial risk from the entrepreneur to the employee. Good remuneration and working conditions result in employees who enjoy their work. This significantly affects the quality of work and the atmosphere inside the vehicle.
Ecological sustainability is being promoted within the framework of economic conditions, as long as the vehicles meet the needs of our guests. Our goal is to have completely transitioned to electric vehicles by 2026.

Once our aforementioned goals are achieved, we will be delighted to achieve economic sustainability and continue to grow.
We expressly distance ourselves from many companies that primarily pursue revenue optimization and profit-making as their main goals. They offer you a lower price at the expense of safety, quality, and driving personnel.