About us

About us

The company

Rent a Chauffeur was founded on 01.10.2012 as an individual enterprise.To the time of our foundation we were focused on the execution of driving orders without own vehicles as well as the arrangement of qualified drivers.On May 28, 2015, the sole proprietorship changed its name to the limited liability company.On August 21,2015 the entrepreneurial company was converted into Rent a Chauffeur GmbH due to the large capital requirements.Since then, we continue to develop and enlarge our fleet with new vehicles from Audi.

Our philosophy

n our vehicles we want to treat our customers as guests .Therefore, we place great value on the quality of our service, your safety and your pleasant ambience through bright colors and noble materials in our vehicles.

We want satisfied customers, but also satisfied employees, because only then can you expect from them a perfect service.We do not want to be defined by the lowest fare, but by excellent service in beautiful limousines.If you are looking for the lowest price, please do not read on, but visit the pages of the competing companies ! If you are looking for an honest service at a reasonable price, then you are right with us!

We wish you a wonderful driving experience with our friendly chauffeurs and the great limousines!

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